We are grateful to God for our teens’ and sponsor’s safe trip up and back from their summer camp. Today we will give them an opportunity to share with the church about their trip and experiences there. The children’s camp will be next week (July 23-26) so remember the young ones and their sponsors as they travel over to the camp on Carolina Creek. We also want to welcome Savannah Tyler’s decision to come forward last Sunday morning acknowledging to all her faith in Christ as her Savior and Lord. I repeat again that I have no hesitation at all in urging our young (and old!) to be sure, certain, and settled in their commitment to faith and belief in Christ alone for salvation and we are thrilled to know she had the courage to make it certain and make it public! God Bless her and her family! “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst”, John 4:14. When I was a student at Conroe High School back in the late 1960’s (graduated in 1970), my Biology teacher Mr. Frank Ray. He taught Biology but he was a fine Christian man. His son, Lt. Col. James Ray, was shot down over Vietnam and was confined to a POW camp and subjected to inhumane torture, brutality, isolation, and psychological hardship. As students, we prayed for his safe return to Mr. Ray’s family. It took some 6-7 years before he was released. I had the honor of meeting him and I was curious about how he had kept his sanity and humanity under those conditions for so long. He explained quietly and humbly that Christ and His Word hidden in his heart had kept him going. Col. Ray had hidden God’s Word by drinking from the well of Christ. I never forgot his testimony. A drink from that “well” is sufficient for anyone!