A Good Morning and God Bless to each one of you reading this today! I am so glad it is Sunday again and I get to see all of you and worship my Jesus and your Jesus today in unity and love! Glad you are here! Jesus said in John 13:15 “For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you”. Someone must be willing to show the way for others…”No one had climbed Mt. Everest until Sir Edmund Hillary achieved the feat in 1953. Since then, hundreds have ascended the world’s highest, most forbidding peak…the greatest value of leadership is to show those who follow that a problem can be solved, a hurdle overcome, a victory gained. Once someone shows the way, others will follow. Leaders must lead—and stop thinking of themselves as followers.” (Virgil Hurley). In Esther 1:16-18, the beautiful Queen Vashti will not come in before her King because he apparently wants to parade her beauty before his drunken friends’ lewd eyes. The King is drunk with wine when he sends for her. She is sober and has the courage to refuse to be treated as a “parade animal” for the gratification of a drunken king and a drunken group of male quests. No one had ever done such a thing as to deny a king’s request. Vashti did. Vashti is the name of what I am convinced was a beautiful and morally correct woman. She paved the way to say “no” for women everywhere who read of her dramatic courage and the consequences of her choice. Many can learn from her example of leadership. Are you a follower? Or a leader?