Praying for storm victims in the United States this week both Texas and Louisiana as well as Florida, Caribbean, and wherever else these storms wreak havoc…including Mexico with earthquake and storm! Never have I seen so much unrest…not only are people upset about politics and graft and immorality but now we have North Korea, Russia, ISIS, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires in northeast, and earthquakes in Mexico! Makes a body want to go Home! In Genesis 8:9, it says “But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and she returned unto him into the ark…” This is a statement that so applies to Christians today! Can you really see any restful place safe for the sole of your foot on this earth? We just experienced a flood that the pundits are calling a “500 year flood”. That is to mean only once every 500 years? Doesn’t that mean it can happen again anytime and not have to be 499 years from now? The Hurricane Irma just now is raking through Florida after devastating the Caribbean Islands with what is called a “100 year” storm! Can that not mean it may happen again next year? An idiot sits on a nuclear button in North Korea causing the world to wonder “will he or won’t he” cause a new world war of nuclear proportion?!? Feeling safe yet and peaceful? As the dove found no rest except to return to God’s Ark, I find no rest except in The Old Ship of Zion where I am “safe evermore”! Peace, I leave with you” said the Captain of my salvation! Amen!