We had a really nice crowd of church folks and visitors at our Hanging of the Green service last Sunday night. The decorating of the church building has for years now been the signal event for my mind to grasp that says Christmas time is coming soon. So much to do – places to go – people to see, write, or call…but… Remember the Christmas Holidays can be sad times for many people around us. Some have lost parents, spouses, friends, or kinfolk during the last eleven months and they now face the holidays without someone they had last Christmas. Let every one of us do all we can to be cheerful and happy but also respect and pray for the grief of some that we know and will encounter during the coming month. Love them, pray for them, and be company to them if possible…you will be blessed! I commend all those who had a part in reading, decorating, hymn singing, or special music. I especially would like for our children to know how very well they did Sunday night. I cannot wait until we get to hear their Christmas songs and performances on the 17th of December in the evening service. Those youngsters have strong and beautiful voices and you should make every effort to hear them and be blessed! II Corinthians 4:18 “…things which are not seen…” I ran across this in my reading and wanted to share it …no author given; “When the world my heart is rending with its heaviest storms of care, my glad thoughts to heaven ascending find a refuge from despair. Faith’s bright vision shall sustain me till life’s pilgrimage is past; fears may vex and troubles pain me, I shall reach my home at last”. Amen.