We have been blessed again to have the privilege of some of the very best preaching and gospel singing and music in the land. My hope is that everyone came as often as they were able to attend. Opportunities are not always going to be there for us. I wish there was a way to get folks to see how the water of life is draining out of their individual buckets and that when it is gone it is forever gone. The constancy of the repeated daily routine of our lives somehow dulls us into the complacency of thinking it will never change – wrong. The Bible reminds us that we should be “redeeming the time”. I think that means to make wise use of the days and hours God has allotted to each of us. When “the bell tolls for thee”, will you have “redeemed the time”? This new year is a good time to spend a few moments contemplating about our time spent (or not spent) in some type of service to God…to do something that will benefit someone else and they may not even know it – but God does. Our heavenly Father will see in secret and reward in heaven if not down here. I am grateful for so many loving and caring and doing members. The work of some people does not even register with many members – but lights don’t come on by themselves; doors do not fix themselves; paint does not apply itself; signs don’t magically appear; limbs don’t cut themselves down and pick themselves up; somebody is doing something and sometimes only God knows WHO! Is it you? Has it ever been you? Will it ever be you? Serving God is a blessing in itself.