Good morning! Last Sunday was a blessing to me and I can only hope it was to you also. It was a wonderful joy for me to be back in the pulpit to try and preach and to have God’s people all around! We were blessed Sunday night with what I believe is the best of traditional quartets in the land today. The Mark Trammell Quartet was here at 6:00 pm and sang their hearts out for us and the Lord Jesus. I needed to just be blessed as the sweet songs washed over me and the great harmony inspired me. The guys were tired and ready to head home but they never wavered in their singing and their love during their concert. May I add that you also were so generous in giving your love offering and that they received a blessing in expenses from you! God Bless You for your heart to give because it makes it possible and reasonable for us to have other groups come and sing. I want to thank all of our sister churches who came and blessed us with their presence and support! We are going through the valley in many ways with all the sickness, ill health, heart problems, and tests being run upon all our people as well as personal pains from the loved ones God had called Home. Speaking to myself and to all of our hurting, remember the words that “this too shall pass”. I also encourage you to remember that our Awesome God is eternal; His Word is eternal; His promises are eternal; His salvation to us is eternal. Jesus said “It is I; be not afraid”. Let’s trust God!