Many times have I thought of it and read some authors thoughts on it, so I will share some of both with all of you this morning... “What will we be doing in Heaven?” Let’s think about it for a moment… Wilber Smith authored such a book titled “Biblical Doctrine of Heaven.” He declared there were at least five different occupations that we would be engaged in throughout eternity. Let’s take a look. (1) Worship – The Revelation of Jesus Christ reveals more songs by more groups than any book except the Psalms, fourteen to be exact. Get ready to get over your shyness about singing in Heaven! (2) Service – One of the great statements recorded in Revelation tells believes that without doubt we will be privileged to actively serve Him. In Revelation 22:3 the last phrase is “and His servants shall serve Him”! Suits me perfectly and every believer! (3) Authority – In two of His “Heavenly Parables” (on end-time eschatological parables) Jesus speaks of assigning certain authority to His faithful servants upon His Second Coming; parable of talents in Matthew 25:14-30 and Matthew 19:28. (4) Fellowship – sweet and unfettered and unbroken fellowship for all believers in Glory. 1John 1:3, Philippians 1:5. All broken relationships made perfect in Christ when we are made like Him. (5) Learning – Just imagine the mysteries that shall be revealed and glories that shall be made known. When we arrive in Glory, I am not sure we are suddenly endowed with knowledge or will it be taught to us throughout eternity? Either way I am sure as we learn we will learn to love Him more and more, as we learn more and more. (6) Peace – (no explanation needed)