Good morning everyone! It has been a week since the tragedy in one of our sister churches at Sutherland Springs, Texas. We held a prayer vigil during our services last Sunday night for the families of those killed by a man who may or may not have been controlled by Satan himself. The evil of this world is difficult to constrain. The absolute horror of killing people you have no grudge against is beyond my conception to understand. We do not have an armed military camp, but we do have officers and citizens who are prepared to protect the lives of the members of this church. This nation is culpable in many ways for these acts of violence that keep repeating themselves over and over again. Not looking to stand on a soapbox but I am willing to point out that the more God-less our society has become the more callous, indifferent, and evil, is the nature of this nation we live in. The house of worship is often called a “sanctuary” but that sanctuary has repeatedly been violated as much as have our schools where little children are at risk of some evil lunatic with a gun and an agenda. Let us all be more vigilant and cautious but let us all worship our God. The men who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem were warned to keep watch and weapons at hand even while they worked. I can believe that we are at the point in our society now as well. Please continue to pray for the folks of Sutherland Springs, Texas and specifically for the First Baptist Church there. God keep them strong is my prayer.